Influencers Collaboration

If you are an Influencer (youtuber, blogger, etc) or a Photographer, KKday invites you for a collaboration.
We hope to provide a unique travel experience and allow more people to experience discounted travels through you.

Join KKday and experience the world

We have +6000 worldwide experiences.
Would you like an opportunity to experience it for yourself?

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If you have a knack for writing or documenting travels through beautifully captured images and videos, we would like to work with you!

▶ A blogger or an influencer:
needs to meet at least two of the following requirements to be considered for sponsorship in return for a blog or social media post.
- Over 5,000 PV on the most visited article
- Over 10 blog posts in total
- Over 5,000 followers on Instagram
- Over 5,000 fans on Facebook
- Over 5,000 followers on Twitter

▶ Photographers:
who meet the following requirements will be considered for a sponsored travel activity/activities by KKday to shoot videos or photographs.
- Over 5,000 fans on Facebook
- Over 5,000 followers on Instagram
- Able to provide their account on Google Drive (500px or any other platform with a similar use)

▶ YouTubers:
who meet the following requirements will be considered for a sponsored travel activity / activities by KKday in return for a video.
- Have more than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube
- Have at least 3 videos with over 5,000 views

*Do note that meeting the eligibility of the experiences does not necessary mean that the local travel experience can proceed.Under these circumstances, the local travel experiences cannot go on when: the number of participants needed for the particular activity is not met, the unavailability of the local travel experience and whether the local providers can cooperate and organize it.
*KKday will only sponsor you with one local travel experience which does not include airfare, lodging or any other expenses. This experience is also not suitable for ticket or airport shuttle services.

Recommend travel experiences to travellers and earn commission.

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All you need is to have the passion to share your exclusive travel itinerary with others, so travellers will learn more about the local experiences, at the same time, you can earn some travel fund for your next getaway.
You can share the respective links with via your Facebook Page or blogs. KKday offers a profit sharing scheme for every completed sold tour.

Once it reaches a certain level of profit. KKday will provide you with an exclusive web page. For more details please read the Affiliates page.
Read more.Affiliate Contract

Eligibility: Popular blogs with more than 10,000 fans or personal Facebook page with more than 3,000 people。

*KKday has the rights to audit, amend, suspend and terminate your contract at any given point of time.
If you have any enquiries, feel free to email us at