KKday Points FAQs

If not used, KKday Points expire 12 months from the day they were earned. For example, points earned on 23rd October 2018 will expire on 30th September 2019.
You can earn KKday Points by booking your tours with your registered KKday account on our desktop website, mobile website or mobile app. After deducting coupons and discounts from the total order amount, you’ll earn 1 point for every USD $1 you spend. Other currencies will be calculated based on the USD exchange rate.
Travelers will receive their KKday Points within a week once their experience is finished. Refer to your account to check your earned points. Please note that terms and conditions may vary for points gained through special marketing campaigns.
As KKday Points is a new function, purchases made before the official launch of KKday Points do not count towards the program.
KKday points can be used for reward/coupon redemption and product discounts.
Once you have earned 50 KKday Points, KKday Points discount option will be available for your next booking payment. Every 50 KKday Points can be used as a US$0.25 discount; in order to use KKday points, the booking total must be US$1 or over.
KKday Points are non-transferable and are only valid for the owner member’s account.
You can see all details of your earned points and redeemed rewards in “My Records.”
If the above FAQ does not address your questions, you can e-mail (service@kkday.com). We will respond as soon as possible!
KKday reserves the right to change, modify and/or eliminate KKday Points and/or all or any portion of these Terms of Use or any policy, FAQ, or guideline pertaining to KKday Points at any time and at its sole discretion. Violations of the terms of use/any policy or abuse of KKday Points usage will result in termination of your account.