Here are questions frequently asked, also we are happy to help you in person!

Account Settings


Click ”Sign up” at the login page to create your personal KKday account. KKday provides free registration and options for linking the account with YOUR email address or social media website (e.g. facebook) to use the details. We will not allow others to access your social media website account without your permission.

In case you cannot find your confirmation letter, please check your junk mail folder for the confirmation mail. In order to avoid this kind of problem, we recommend you to add in your contacts to avoid this problem.

If you still can’t find the confirmation mail, please click “resend the confirmation letter” and fill in your mail address again, we will send the letter again immediately.

Yes, you have to use your kkday account to purchase any products. Creating a KKday account is very easy and 100% free. If you encounter any issues during the sign up process, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you anytime.

Setting & Password

Forgot my password

If you forgot your password, please click “forgot the password” at the login page and fill in your registered email address. You will get a letter with a specific link for resetting your password.

Edit my password

You can find “edit my password” at “Account Setting”

You can't edit the registered email since it is your logging account.

You can find “Account Setting” in Member Center. Click “save” button to save any changes you’ve done.

Your personal password is like a key for your account safety. A password is required when accessing any of your information which includes your purchase history, wish list, and activities or editing you profile.

Language and currency

You can find the language and currency options at the top right of the website. Scroll down and select the language and/or currency you prefer. ( USD is used when paying )


Please check your junk mail folder for mails from KKday. We advice you adding in your contact to avoid this problem. If you still can’t find the our mail, please contact with KKday..

Click "Messages", you can read and reply your messages in message box.


You are able to start your searching by directly entering the country you wish to visit, all related results will be shown. In addition you can make use of our filter on the left of searching page to set factors like country, city, theme, time to specify more accurate results. All results can be sorted by different factors like price, popularity to help you find proper excursions

Having a hard time deciding where to go with all the interesting experiences? Collect products to your wish list by tagging the red heart icon to excursions you like. You can review and compare different products in your "Wish List". Simply tag red heart icon again to remove the item from wish list.


When your order is completed, go to "Orders" to review all the products you’ve purchased.

When your order is completed, you can click “Contact with seller” in "Orders" to communicate with the seller for any further information.

Before the order is completed, you can still contact with the seller by clicking “contact us” at the product info page ( KKday account is needed)

In case you could’t find your local seller/supplier at your destination, please contact us and we will provide help. If we could not succeed in contacting the seller either, we will cancel your order and make sure you will get a refund. In such case it is the seller’s responsibility to compensate for your losses according to his cancellation policy.

Under very limited circumstances, the local seller has to cancel confirmed orders. We are experienced travellers, we fully understand this inconvenience and will try to provide a solution to make your travel experience unforgettable anyhow. Please provide the details listed below.

  1. Your local seller officially cancels your confirmed order. When you receive the message from the local seller, explaining reasons why this happens, please check whether the order has been officially canceled or not. You can get the latest status in "Orders". If the status of your order is not updated to "canceled', notify the local seller to complete the process. We will supervise the whole process to protect your rights.
  2. Don't worry about your payment. WWe will refund 100% of your payment. If the seller cancels your confirmed order with force majeure, you can get all of your payment back. If the seller cancels your confirmed order without force majeure, you can get all of your payment back, besides, the seller has to compensate you according to the cancellation rules.

Please carefully read the cancellation rule, the local seller has the rights to take parts or all of your payment as compensation. You can cancel your order at "Orders".

We are very sorry, we can only accept travelers who join tours at the arranged meeting time, so please be there on time. As we can not return your payment for your no show, notify the local seller before the tour begins when having any sudden occurrence.

For safety matters, we highly recommend you to interact with the local seller via KKday platform. KKday will assist you and protects customer’s rights in controversial issues. KKday does not guarantee any services if you have any controversial issues with your local seller on other platforms.

If your tour includes pick-up service, please fill in your pick-up hotel and drop-off hotel when you are booking the tour. You seller will notify your pick-up time. If your pick-up hotel is located outside of pick-up area, your seller will contact with you, and find another pick-up point.

Most tour operators do not pick up from private residences. You will need to provide the nearest major hotel to where you are staying, and enter these details as the pick-up service in your booking request. The seller will check the pick-up place & time with you.

Most day tours and sightseeing tours do not offer airport pick-up service. Most city airports are located well away from the city centre and tour operators cannot offer a pick-up service from these areas. If a tour does offer airport pick-up service, this information will be listed. If there is no information listed, the tour does not pick up from the airport.

After the booking is completed, you can check the seller's contact number in the member center.

After the seller checked your booking, KKday will email a voucher to the guest.

Unless the weather directly effects the travel service you have booked, all travel services will operate as scheduled. In the case where a travel service provider cancels a tour on the day, please notify KKday via email, including your tour details and KKday Booking Reference number, and we will make sure you will be refunded with the right amount.

In the case where a travel service provider cancels a tour on the day, please notify KKday via email, including your tour details and KKday Booking Reference number, and we will process monies due back to you accordingly.

Travel products are available through a calender format, which indicates how far in advance a travel product can be booked at that time. Just check the calender of your liking tour.

Safety & Paying

Trust & Safety

When you book through KKday, payments go through our secure structure and are not released to the other party until after the reservation has begun. KKday also provides private messaging for guests and sellers.

By conducting your transactions on the site, you also have go to:

  • The opportunity to review and be reviewed after your reservation has been completed.
  • If a seller cancels the booking, we can take care of the safety of your funds and refund to you.
  • If a guest cancels the booking, a cancellation policy for your listing, enabling seller to receive a partial or full payout in the event of a guest cancellation.

Paying outside the KKday system is not secure, and we cannot provide access to these benefits when reservations aren’t booked directly through our website.

Price & Cost

For your convenience, you can switch to your preferred language to check the price of each tour. We regularly update the base exchange rate by Google Finance, but it may not be identical to the real-time market rate. However, US dollar is the only currency for checkout price for now.

If the reservation is accepted, the payment is processed and collected by KKday in full. Whether the reservation is two days or two months away, we hold the payment until 7 days after check-in before releasing the funds. This gives both parties time to do a walkthrough upon check-in and make sure that everything is as expected.


We provide two methods of payment "Paypal" and "Credit Card" for now.

Credit Card

You can use any type of credit card such as VISA/ MasterCard/ JCB. After the order has been confirmed, you can find your order detail in “Orders". At the same time, KKday will send a confirmation email to you.


You can pay via Paypal. A paypal account is an email account. Please access and make sure you have a paypal account. After the order is confirmed, you can find your order detail in “Orders". At the same time, KKday will send a confirmation email to you.

For your convenience, you can switch to your preferred language to check the price of each tour. We regularly update the base exchange rate by Google Finance, but it may not be identical to the real-time market rate. However, US dollar is the only currency for checkout price for now.

Additionally, if you pay in a currency that’s different from the denominated currency of your payment method, your payment company (for example, your credit or bank card issuer) or third-party payment processor may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment, even if you cancel after your booking.. Please contact your provider for information on what rates and fees may apply, as these are not controlled by or known to KKday.


Please access "Order" to find your order. You can download your receipt and fill in your name and company name. Afterwards you can print or mail it to your email address. (We only provide PDF e-receipt and will not send the paper receipt.)


Once you receive a notification that you'll be receiving a refund, it might take a couple days for the money to process through the banking system and become available on your payment method. Refunds to credit cards typically take about 14 business days. Be sure to check with your payment provider to know when you should expect to see the refund reflected on your account.

Rate & Comment

Rate & Comment

Only KKday customers with a valid booking are allowed to submit a comment. After your trip has ended, you will receive an email inviting you to share your experience with other KKday members. The email will contain a unique link leading to the review submission form. You can also log in your KKday account and see the list of tours which you have been and that you haven’t reviewed yet.

You have 14 days to complete your review after a trip has ended. In other words, you will miss the right to leave a comment after 14 days.

If you leave a comment before 30/06/2017, you may receive a 10 dollars coupon. The coupon will be sent to your KKday registered mail account within 30 minutes. If you didn’t receive any coupon, please contact


  • Every coupon could just be used once by each member’s account.
  • Coupon is applicable for KKday’s tours which are over 50 USD. However, tickets product are not applicable for this coupon. The coupon will be functional within 6 months once you receive it, and the departure date should be no later than DEC 31, 2017.
  • You would get a 10 USD coupon for every comment. However, this coupon is not applicable for the tickets product.

Unexpected situations

Unexpected situations

We are fully aware of the existence of circumstances that might affect your travel experience. Depending on the case, a refund may be authorized outside of the reservation's cancellation policy and the guest may be given a full refund, meaning the seller will receive no payout.

If the guest is canceling due to extenuating circumstances, we will reach out to the seller right away to explain the situation. Please note that cancellations can often be avoided if you alter the reservation.

Sometimes extenuating circumstances arise that affect travel plans. In extreme cases, KKday may override the seller's cancellation policy (flexible, moderate, strict) and make refund decisions. Such cases will be contingent on proper documentation, where valid, and include:

  • The passing away of a guest’s family member
  • Serious illness of the guest or a guest's family member
  • Natural disaster in the country of destination
  • Political unrest in the country of destination
  • Jury duty or other similar civil obligations

If you are certain you are unable to attend the reservation due to an official extenuating circumstance, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible and contact us to provide relevant documentation. Based on the documentation provided, KKday will determine if the Extenuating Circumstances policy applies to your reservation. Please know that if you cannot provide the proper documentation, KKday will not be able to give you a refund for your reservation.

Types of documentation can include: notes from a medical professional on hospital letterhead explaining why you should not travel, a jury duty summons, a valid obituary or death certificate, etc.

If your claim is denied, your refund will be processed according to your seller's cancellation policy. If you have any question, please contact with KKday.

*The following are NOT covered under our Extenuating Circumstances policy: flight cancellation due to something other than natural disaster, lost baggage, loss of employment, or death of someone other than an immediate family member.

If your flight is canceled due to force majeure and you cannot arrive on time, please contact with your seller and KKday immediately.

If the flight is not canceled but you still want to cancel the tour, the local seller has the right to take parts or all of your payment for your no show according to the cancellation rules.

If your flight is delayed due to force majeure and you cannot arrive on time, please contact with your seller and KKday immediately.

Asia Miles

Before booking

Asia's leading travel and lifestyle rewards programme, Asia Miles offers you many exciting rewards to match your lifestyle – and so many ways to earn miles. To earn Asia Miles, simply do what you do every day – then present your card! Travel the world with 24 airline partners, including Cathay Pacific and Dragonair. Stay at a huge range of international hotels. And keep on earning with dining, transportation and other activities.

Membership to Asia Miles is open to anyone aged 2 or over, although consent by a parent or legal guardian is required for those aged 17 and under. There is no joining fee or membership fee. You can join Asia Miles online here. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please remember to print your temporary membership card so you can start earning Asia Miles right away.

To earn miles, simply select the " Earn Asia Miles" option on any of KKday's trips on the promotion page.

TWD40 = 1 Asia Miles.

Some trips might not be included in this promotion. Please check our promotion page to find all eligible travel packages, indicated with " Earn Asia Miles".

To earn "Asia Miles": become a member of Asia Miles . Link to KKday's promotion page, fill in your Asia Miles membership name and number and to book your trip. Your Asia Miles will be added to your account within 6-8 weeks after completing your journey.

While booking

On the Asia Miles website, select "Your Account" and then click "Overview".

On the Asia Miles website, select "Your Account" and then click "Overview".

TWD40 = 1 Asia Mile. Book and confirm your trip via our promotion page, please refer to Asia Miles website for details.

Please make sure your coupon hasn't already been used and you did not book your trip via Other promotions and trips booked through other websites won't enable you to earn Asia Miles mileage.

No, the information does not need to be the same.

After booking

Log into your Asia Miles account. Please refer to Asia Miles website for details.

Once you have completed your booking and journey through KKday, mileage credits will be added to your Asia Miles member’s account within 6-8 weeks. Please refer to Asia Miles website for details.

Mileage will not be reissued, thank you for your understanding.

Please contact with Asia Miles' service center.

Please refer to iRedeem on Asia Miles website for details.

Asia Miles are valid for three years from the month the mileage is credited.

Transferring your mileage has to follow the official rules on Asia Miles website.


Yes, you can be the contact window for your friends and family. Just make sure the seller can contact with you after yourbooking is completed. But it's very easy to be a member of KKday and totally free. We advise your friends and family to join KKday and book the tour. If your friends or the family need any assist during sign up as a KKday member, please feel free to contact with our customer service team.

KKday does not offer Travel Insurance. You should seek the advice your local licensed Travel Agent or Insurance company for a quotation. KKday strongly recommends the purchase of Travel Insurance.